July twenty-second…

As many of you may know, twenty-two is drawing nearer and nearer.

I take birthday celebrations very seriously lol. For myself, it’s like a new year– July twenty-ninth is my January first 🙂 It’s a time to reflect, draw up plans, expectations and so on. This past year was beneficial but not as rewarding as i might’ve hoped, only because I am no where closer to my ‘big move,’ financially. ‘ I enjoyed it, and i will not focus my energy in pointing out ways in which I could’ve made it better but what I can say is, I needed this passing year, the lesson is learned and it is time to move on to the next half of what’s next. The point of this post is that you should always spend some time reflecting on what has been accomplished, what works for you and what are the things you need to improve on. This past year i did that whole, “don’t think about it too much, get it all out of your system and live in the moment,” and became a happier me, but a broker college student with a long term goal to move out west, but i needed that break. Don’t get it confused, I have a great paying job that has paid for all of my summer luxury expenses lol, but what is important is that , i haven’t saved much. Now with twenty-two nearing, my senior year beginning and my credit score building (lol) it’s time i retire those thoughts and re-focus my focus: budgeting/saving up, graduating, and so on. I no longer will dwell on the opportunities of the past that have kept me stagnant. Don’t allow your mind to stay in idle time, make a long term goal and stick to it. Mine is: saving up all I can and bring everything i have with me to California. For my fellow twenty-something year olds, this is what needs to be done, i mean who wants to look back at the age of thirty, stuck and wishing there was something else (I) could’ve done? Just something to think about 🙂

 Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.06.43 PM post inspired by my step-father


July twenty-second…

My Year Summary…


Hey Hunnies!

Its Friday and I’m finally off with no real challenging homework to do. I’ve been thinking lately, a whole year has past (almost). A whole year of twenty-one has came and went and what is there to reflect on? Everyone has been going on about how 2014 is the year of the ‘Grown Woman,’ which yes I have referred to it as such plenty of times in regards to the others who have faithfully stood by that but in my own journey, this year has been all about stepping out of my comfort zone and enjoying life as the days begin and end. Unfortunately, July 29 2013 and on did not being that way, but i shall not reflect on the negative. After the passing of a very close friend, he had inspired me through his ambition to literally stop saying what i will eventually do and just make a way and do it. Cliche i bet, but when someone like him passes, someone who had so many dreams, someone who was so deserving and selfless passes you have no choice but to live. Honestly Boycie when you passed i viewed life much differently and stopped holding myself back with my own insecurities. The biggest lesson i have learned so far is, ‘It’s all in your head.’ Your insecurities, you being uncomfortable, you settling…etc i can go on! Although i’m still working on it, i’ve built confidence and have gained such a great support system that i literally feel unstoppable lol! ! Heres a Basic Recap of My Year… Let the next be Great 🙂

  • Cannon balled into a black river that was over 30 ft deep in the Amazon
  • had flowers and edible arrangements sent to me anonymously  on valentines day
  • traveled back to my fathers country (Guyana, South America)
  • Successfully managed two fashion shows
  • Climed a Coconut tree to grab a coconut and failed.
  • Experienced love, realized a romantic relationship isn’t for me. not now at least.
  • Got a couple international students from france and southern africa hipped to partynextdoor
  • Got a meaningful tattoo, along with other meangless piercings
  • Went to San Francisco for the first time. Was told that my vibe and energy was destined for the Cali’s culture and ended my trip with apartment hunting (found three great locations)
  • Saw Derek Jeter play his last game at Progressive Stadium (on the look out for Yankee stadium tickets in August if anyone has the plug lol)
  • Took fitness seriously
  • Won a 4 day 3 night cruise to the Bahamas (taking this trip next year)
  • Got my heart broken, again.
  • Broke someone else’s heart.
  • Rekindled my relationship with my father, finally bought a ticket to visit him in September 🙂
  • My ex sent me 100 ‘I’m sorry’ roses, we got back together, it didn’t work out
  • I dated a rebound for a while, that didn’t work out either lol (lesson learned).
  • Rekindled broken friendships, that worked out!
  • Made more lasting friendships (future Cali movements)
  • Got a job worth mentioning 🙂 with benefits and in my field of study
  • A couple spontaneous nights that i’d keep to myself
  • Did the whole full time worker full-time student and still had time to have a social life, completed the semester with a 3.6
  • Was the cover of a magazine, and featured in another
  • Sunk my toes into the pacific ocean while smoking a cigar, picnic 🙂
  • Signed a lease with two of my greatest college girlfriends
  • Danced to soca music in the rain in south america
  • Fell in love with (MY) life
  • Enjoyed the amazon country with absolutely no wifi
  • Successfully budgeted myself for the summer, DRINKS ON ME!
  • Got close enough (by accidentally)  to a wild black panther while walking through a forest in South America
  • Spent an entire paycheck in one weekend, my excuse ‘i needed everything i bought.’
  • Had my first legal drink in South America, it was a beer and it didn’t count; their legal drinking age is 16
  • Did a month juicing cleanse
  • Cheated on that at least three times
  • Lost a close friend to cancer, became closer to everyone who knew him.
  • Popped my very first bottle of Dom Perignon (a gift for early birthday festivities)
  • Bought 5 new art pieces at Columbus’ art festival for my new apartment
  • Went zip lining and rock climbing
  • Finally falling in love with myself


My Year Summary…


Happy Fourth!

I hope everyone got the chance to catch some fireworks, fortunately I did! I clocked in, clocked out headed straight home, jumped in the shower, quickly air dried, picked up a good friend who was in town from Cali and headed downtown where I over indulged in funnel cakes, fair fries and freshly squeezed ice-cold lemonade. That was on the third, Today was a fourth of july family celebration, peruano-puertorriqueno style lol. I always love the holidays for these reasons. Family tradition calls for a major difference in American traditional fourth of july dishes where we serve yellow rice with peas, my mothers ‘famous’ potato salad; I say famous only meaning within the family lol, she hasn’t chosen to release to recipe to the general public yet lol! and of course freshly made coquito. With the stress of having a packed schedule, its always great to be surrounded by family and have a couple of drinks and share a few laughs. What’s a holiday without a family celebration or someone to share it with right? Well anyways i hope everyone enjoyed their holiday,   I have to clock in early in the AM 🙂



Letters to the Men I Have Loved…

Yes, I have a Barnes & Nobel addiction and finishing books and moving onto another seems to be one of the least greatest habits I have recently picked up; side note: I’m still working on ‘The Power of Now, ‘Scandalous Women’, ‘Cleopatra’, and ‘Battlefield of the Mind.’ But on June 30th one of my summers most anticipated contemporary poetry books released, “Letters to the Men I Have Loved,” by Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol. I pre-ordered it off of Amazon and it finally has arrived! From the description it expresses the authors feelings through distinct letters and poems to various men whom she considers motivated personal growth and her transition from young adult to womanhood. With words Mirtha Michelle Castro paints a vivid picture of feelings such as passion, forgiveness, lust, and hope. Gracfully playing with the universal theme of the pursuit of love and the desire for change that can resonate with woman all around the world, especially myself! I’ll update you all when i am finished reading. To order your own copy, here is her SITE




Letters to the Men I Have Loved…

July, July…

Hey !

So i’m guilty. I haven’t blogged in ALMOST a month and I won’t give you the tired excuse of school and work with some attempts to squeeze in a couple girls night outs here and there, lol (guess i just did) But it’s a new month and my most favorite of them all! JULY! For obvious reasons, my birthday is in twenty-seven days. I still cannot believe that a year has passed already and then again I can. So much has been accomplished and guess what, I’ve been making moves, but i won’t get into that this time around. What i do want to congratulate myself on is the decisions that i have been making lately, the plans i have been putting in place and the mindset i have been evolving into. It may have been long overdue but as of now single life has finally come. As some of you recall me mentioning in previous post i always envisioned my twenty-somethings as single andrea, living in a city and enjoying life while maintaining a steady career in the field in which i wish to pursue, yeah yadda, yadda, yadda right? Lol, well I feel it’s only right for myself to embrace my own company, fully and i recently made the decision to do just that. I have made my game plan, I refocused my focused and realized that my priorities were a little off. With talking to one of my greatest, Jessica Payne (FYI follow her blog Jesssunshine) i realized i am not in the position to hold any commitments. In short and with getting on to the point, these years will come and go. Position yourself first for the future then attempt to settle lol 🙂  Question is, where do you see yourself five years from now? Andrea in five years will be twenty-seven…Lol.

Wishing it into existence! Enjoy your Wednesday !


July, July…

This Weeks: I Love…

Hey Loves!
Another summer week down. I feel like I have done a lot this month. Personally self-satisfying and spontaneous to say the least. I did the ‘go-out-everyday weekend (in disapproval of my Man lol) and the ‘weeknight-turndown’ of enjoying my time with myself investing in my favorite TV shows and homework. Overall I have been enjoying my jam packed schedule of always having something to do and if I don’t feel like getting up, I-can-scratch-that-off-my-list type of mindset. Although I missed the Crew Game and Clippers game, I am still hoping to attend them in celebration of the upcoming FIFA World Cup events occurring in two weeks !! This morning I woke up, took my parents to the airport after disappointingly loosing the battle of convincing them to take me with them on their ten day vacation to Florida, I cleaned my room (I’ve noticed that when I started making my bed every morning my room seemed cleaner and fresh= a happier me lol, so i’ve gotten into the habit of doing that). Anyways! I then made a small healthy breakfast of yogurt, apples, kewi, and strawberries and started catching up on blog content and the news (CNN was too depressing this morning so currently it’s muted and Conciencia by Gilberto Santa Rosa plays in the background (Salsa takes me back to the 90’s 🙂 ) I read this morning too! Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer and The Power of Now by Eckhart Toll. This was something worth sharing: All that arises, passes away. Failure lies concealed in every success and success in every failure. Every negative situation that has arisen in your life is not your life, it is just a life situation. EVERYTHING IS EVER CHANGING SO DONT CLING, LET IT BE AND JUST GO WITH THE FLOW.’ 
Anyways this weekend has been good to me, Columbus has been good to me and God has been good to me, here are the things I love from this past week 🙂

Spontaneously taking a road trip by myself at 11pm, childish photoshoots with my girlfriends, spending time with my man before he leaves Ohio, getting my nails, hair and eyebrows together to start my summer (treat yourself), calls from my grandparents, 3 mile walks at Columbus Metro parks, buying fresh bouquets to fill my room, burning marshmallows repeatedly at a bomb fire, saturday morning cleaning sessions with Marc Anthony, Meeting an American who plays basketball overseas in my mothers home country (Peru) and having an intelligent conversation with him in spanish, buying a risky Rihanna inspired outfit, getting ready in 10 minutes for a concert and looking fabulous, phones dying and taking mental memories, adult night at cosi, meeting kent fashion merchandising alumni and them telling me to enjoy each year of my 20’s, and doing just that, buying peonies, finding a yogurt that i actually enjoy (chobani) eating from a taco truck at 1 am, wearing my mans oversized hoodies around the house, sunday mornings in downtown columbus, raspberry and chocolate macaroons, redecorating my mothers guest room to fit me for the summer, buying new art for the new place, getting back to the gym,  New Birth ministries on Sundays, jeni’s ndaliestate vanilla bean ice-cream, wearing my new forever 21 heels and being asked if they are designer, my cousins coming to visit before their trip to Dominican republic, mango margaritas at Abuelos, and finally starting my new position ! 

Enjoy your Day!

This Weeks: I Love…

Pharrell covers July ’14 issue of Elle UK






Pharrell celebrates his Native American lineage in Elle UK July 2014 issue where he is wearing this Native American inspired headdress that became a controversial topic on twitter hash tags.   In response, he states that he respects and honors every kind of race, background and culture and that he is genuinely sorry. Despite the negative backlash, I thought he looked great! To check out the full shoot and exclusive interview in the July issue of Elle you can buy the print issue HERE or download it digitally to you anywhere in the world HERE

Pharrell-Covers-Elle-UK-July-2014-by-Doug-Inglish-2 Pharrell-Covers-Elle-UK-July-2014-by-Doug-Inglish-1

Pharrell covers July ’14 issue of Elle UK

Kendall Jenner June 2014 issue of Interview Magazine…









So baby Kendall is all grown up now! I mean I practically watched her grow up, along with the rest of America who somewhat became obsessed with Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Although having a very public up bringing, Kendall definitely made a name for herself this season with having appearances on runways in New York, London, and Paris that included appearances for Marc Jacobs, Giles, Chanel, and Givenchy. Kendall definitely became The Girl of The Season,”  according to stylist Katie Grand.

For the full interview visit: Interview Magazine




Kendall Jenner June 2014 issue of Interview Magazine…

Pistacia Vera, Columbus.

Hey Loves, It’s another Friday!

So lately i’ve been getting annoyed with the amount of negativity i’ve been reading on my twitter and Facebook feed in regards to people bashing Columbus, Ohio; speaking down on the limited amount of ‘fun’ we have or that there is never anything to do. Yes, we don’t have a beach and yes we’re located in the ‘Mid-West’ but if you can’t enjoy whats in your backyard, how can you expect to enjoy the trendy cities of Miami, Las Vegas and so on. Personally, I love Columbus. From the shopping, to the nightlife on Park Street Saturday nights to catching a movie at the dine-in at Easton, not to mention the diversity of the food selections and pastry shops. All it takes is a little research and great company 🙂

Yesterday I made it my mission to pick up the girls and head for German Village, another hidden gem in the city. Scrolling down my instagram feed a while back, I stumbled on a pastry shop named, “Pistacia Vera.” Selling a wide variety of sweets and light meals such as: Smoked Salmon Tartare (premium smoked salmon with crème fraîche, cucumber, tarragon, lemon, lime, shallots and cracked pepper, served with choice of croissant) and the very popular, MACARON. So of course I had to put that on my ‘To-Do.’ After hours of driving back and forth trying to lock in who all were joining us, we finally made it German Village.

Pistacia Vera has a sweet aroma, and very cool setting. The pastries are set on display at the shops front and there is a cool refreshing bar of condiments and iced water ready to serve at the rear of the cash register. Overall our experience was great, we even turned it into a mini-instagram-friends-reunitied-atlast photoshoot! 🙂 and because they serve espresso, i’d much rather enjoy Pistacia over Starbucks because of their rich pastries and sweet croissants.


CHOCOLATE BOMBE w/ Chocolate Chambord  & Vanilla Bean Macaron 
Strawberry Pistachio Daquoise
Strawberry Pistachio Daquoise






Pistacia Vera is located: 

German Village 

541 south third street
columbus, ohio 43215

North Market

59 spruce street
columbus, oh 43215

For hours and to view their menu: PISTACIA VERA

Pistacia Vera, Columbus.