July, July…

Hey !

So i’m guilty. I haven’t blogged in ALMOST a month and I won’t give you the tired excuse of school and work with some attempts to squeeze in a couple girls night outs here and there, lol (guess i just did) But it’s a new month and my most favorite of them all! JULY! For obvious reasons, my birthday is in twenty-seven days. I still cannot believe that a year has passed already and then again I can. So much has been accomplished and guess what, I’ve been making moves, but i won’t get into that this time around. What i do want to congratulate myself on is the decisions that i have been making lately, the plans i have been putting in place and the mindset i have been evolving into. It may have been long overdue but as of now single life has finally come. As some of you recall me mentioning in previous post i always envisioned my twenty-somethings as single andrea, living in a city and enjoying life while maintaining a steady career in the field in which i wish to pursue, yeah yadda, yadda, yadda right? Lol, well I feel it’s only right for myself to embrace my own company, fully and i recently made the decision to do just that. I have made my game plan, I refocused my focused and realized that my priorities were a little off. With talking to one of my greatest, Jessica Payne (FYI follow her blog Jesssunshine) i realized i am not in the position to hold any commitments. In short and with getting on to the point, these years will come and go. Position yourself first for the future then attempt to settle lol 🙂  Question is, where do you see yourself five years from now? Andrea in five years will be twenty-seven…Lol.

Wishing it into existence! Enjoy your Wednesday !


July, July…