Pistacia Vera, Columbus.

Hey Loves, It’s another Friday!

So lately i’ve been getting annoyed with the amount of negativity i’ve been reading on my twitter and Facebook feed in regards to people bashing Columbus, Ohio; speaking down on the limited amount of ‘fun’ we have or that there is never anything to do. Yes, we don’t have a beach and yes we’re located in the ‘Mid-West’ but if you can’t enjoy whats in your backyard, how can you expect to enjoy the trendy cities of Miami, Las Vegas and so on. Personally, I love Columbus. From the shopping, to the nightlife on Park Street Saturday nights to catching a movie at the dine-in at Easton, not to mention the diversity of the food selections and pastry shops. All it takes is a little research and great company 🙂

Yesterday I made it my mission to pick up the girls and head for German Village, another hidden gem in the city. Scrolling down my instagram feed a while back, I stumbled on a pastry shop named, “Pistacia Vera.” Selling a wide variety of sweets and light meals such as: Smoked Salmon Tartare (premium smoked salmon with crème fraîche, cucumber, tarragon, lemon, lime, shallots and cracked pepper, served with choice of croissant) and the very popular, MACARON. So of course I had to put that on my ‘To-Do.’ After hours of driving back and forth trying to lock in who all were joining us, we finally made it German Village.

Pistacia Vera has a sweet aroma, and very cool setting. The pastries are set on display at the shops front and there is a cool refreshing bar of condiments and iced water ready to serve at the rear of the cash register. Overall our experience was great, we even turned it into a mini-instagram-friends-reunitied-atlast photoshoot! 🙂 and because they serve espresso, i’d much rather enjoy Pistacia over Starbucks because of their rich pastries and sweet croissants.


CHOCOLATE BOMBE w/ Chocolate Chambord  & Vanilla Bean Macaron 
Strawberry Pistachio Daquoise
Strawberry Pistachio Daquoise






Pistacia Vera is located: 

German Village 

541 south third street
columbus, ohio 43215

North Market

59 spruce street
columbus, oh 43215

For hours and to view their menu: PISTACIA VERA

Pistacia Vera, Columbus.