This Weeks: I Love…

Hey Loves!
Another summer week down. I feel like I have done a lot this month. Personally self-satisfying and spontaneous to say the least. I did the ‘go-out-everyday weekend (in disapproval of my Man lol) and the ‘weeknight-turndown’ of enjoying my time with myself investing in my favorite TV shows and homework. Overall I have been enjoying my jam packed schedule of always having something to do and if I don’t feel like getting up, I-can-scratch-that-off-my-list type of mindset. Although I missed the Crew Game and Clippers game, I am still hoping to attend them in celebration of the upcoming FIFA World Cup events occurring in two weeks !! This morning I woke up, took my parents to the airport after disappointingly loosing the battle of convincing them to take me with them on their ten day vacation to Florida, I cleaned my room (I’ve noticed that when I started making my bed every morning my room seemed cleaner and fresh= a happier me lol, so i’ve gotten into the habit of doing that). Anyways! I then made a small healthy breakfast of yogurt, apples, kewi, and strawberries and started catching up on blog content and the news (CNN was too depressing this morning so currently it’s muted and Conciencia by Gilberto Santa Rosa plays in the background (Salsa takes me back to the 90’s 🙂 ) I read this morning too! Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer and The Power of Now by Eckhart Toll. This was something worth sharing: All that arises, passes away. Failure lies concealed in every success and success in every failure. Every negative situation that has arisen in your life is not your life, it is just a life situation. EVERYTHING IS EVER CHANGING SO DONT CLING, LET IT BE AND JUST GO WITH THE FLOW.’ 
Anyways this weekend has been good to me, Columbus has been good to me and God has been good to me, here are the things I love from this past week 🙂

Spontaneously taking a road trip by myself at 11pm, childish photoshoots with my girlfriends, spending time with my man before he leaves Ohio, getting my nails, hair and eyebrows together to start my summer (treat yourself), calls from my grandparents, 3 mile walks at Columbus Metro parks, buying fresh bouquets to fill my room, burning marshmallows repeatedly at a bomb fire, saturday morning cleaning sessions with Marc Anthony, Meeting an American who plays basketball overseas in my mothers home country (Peru) and having an intelligent conversation with him in spanish, buying a risky Rihanna inspired outfit, getting ready in 10 minutes for a concert and looking fabulous, phones dying and taking mental memories, adult night at cosi, meeting kent fashion merchandising alumni and them telling me to enjoy each year of my 20’s, and doing just that, buying peonies, finding a yogurt that i actually enjoy (chobani) eating from a taco truck at 1 am, wearing my mans oversized hoodies around the house, sunday mornings in downtown columbus, raspberry and chocolate macaroons, redecorating my mothers guest room to fit me for the summer, buying new art for the new place, getting back to the gym,  New Birth ministries on Sundays, jeni’s ndaliestate vanilla bean ice-cream, wearing my new forever 21 heels and being asked if they are designer, my cousins coming to visit before their trip to Dominican republic, mango margaritas at Abuelos, and finally starting my new position ! 

Enjoy your Day!

This Weeks: I Love…