Letters to the Men I Have Loved…

Yes, I have a Barnes & Nobel addiction and finishing books and moving onto another seems to be one of the least greatest habits I have recently picked up; side note: I’m still working on ‘The Power of Now, ‘Scandalous Women’, ‘Cleopatra’, and ‘Battlefield of the Mind.’ But on June 30th one of my summers most anticipated contemporary poetry books released, “Letters to the Men I Have Loved,” by Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol. I pre-ordered it off of Amazon and it finally has arrived! From the description it expresses the authors feelings through distinct letters and poems to various men whom she considers motivated personal growth and her transition from young adult to womanhood. With words Mirtha Michelle Castro paints a vivid picture of feelings such as passion, forgiveness, lust, and hope. Gracfully playing with the universal theme of the pursuit of love and the desire for change that can resonate with woman all around the world, especially myself! I’ll update you all when i am finished reading. To order your own copy, here is her SITE




Letters to the Men I Have Loved…

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